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Justice-Equity-Diversity-Inclusion (JEDI)

Through initiatives that align with JEDI principles, we are focused on ensuring that our business is a force for good in North India. This is part of our work as a serving both People & Planet.

We are generating positive energy throughout our communities with the goal of fostering social equity and environmental well-being through education and targeted outreach.

Our 4 Pillars

Dinkar PV Technologies recognizes that our commitment to helping build a more sustainable future for generations to come is fundamentally interconnected to the mission that is environmental justice and building a more equitable society. Climate change is a public health emergency, so is racial as well as socioeconomic inequality, and all three are commingled and amplified in our society today. the business of clean energy we can be stewards of recognizing and responding to this reality by generating positive energy through JEDI initiatives.

Four Pillars give us a strong foundation to build on

Environmental Justice Advocacy

Environmental justice is defined by the EPA as "the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies."

Advocacy on behalf of Environmental Justice enhances Positive Energy's mission for broader advocacy that is people and planet focused. Through partnerships, we tie our company's clean energy mission into a more collective goal of community health and wellness.

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Educational Outreach and Training

To expand solar adoption and help community members make informed energy decisions, education is key. We thrive on informing the public about all of the benefits that come from choosing clean energy. Ways that we do this include solar education for the youth, STEM-based activities that relate to energy use, community workshops, as well as providing comprehensive training for solar careers.

Solar Accessibility

We aim to be part of solutions that make solar more accessible to those who are in lower-middle-income communities. Through community outreach, education, support of policy, and partnerships, we can join existing and new efforts in North India to expand solar access.


Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusivity in the workplace and in spaces where decisions are made regarding topics as important as energy resources is the only way that we can ensure an equitable energy transition. It is through diverse community partnerships and JEDI-based workshops with our solar industry partners that we ensure no one is left behind in the renewable energy transition, least of all the vulnerable communities on the frontlines of climate change.


Jalandhar Road near Royal Hockey Academy Chahal Kalan, Batala, Punjab

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Phone:- 1800-572-2340

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