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Solar Energy Storage for Your Home

Whether you’re looking for the peace of mind provided by backup power during outages, a lower carbon footprint by using more of your solar energy, or simply to have more control over your home’s energy usage, solar batteries can provide safety and freedom inside your home, regardless of what happens outside of it. Dinkar PV Technology's offering of home battery solutions includes Usha Shriram Powerwall, Enphase and Generac batteries.

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Most residential battery systems fall into two basic categories: backup loads and whole home backup. The first category requires dramatically less storage capacity and generally costs less than a sophisticated entire-home battery system.

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What can solar + batteries do for you?

Using more of your solar energy

Battery storage provides people going solar-- as well as those with existing systems-- an efficient way to stretch that sun energy through the evening and into the night. Solar panels with batteries can operate in self-consumption mode, which allows homeowners to charge their battery during the day, when solar production typically exceeds electricity consumption, and discharge the battery at night. This means homeowners will be able to utilize more of the clean energy their solar system produces, while reducing dependence on their utility.

Never be in the dark again

Increased prevalence of severe weather events, forest fires, aging electrical infrastructure, and other factors are resulting in more frequent power outages in North India and across the India. Solar energy systems are a great way to save money and generate clean energy. However, traditional grid-tied solar arrays are designed to shut down when they lose grid connection during a power outage to avoid back-feeding the grid. Solar batteries solve this issue by storing your excess power for when you need it most, allowing you to generate and use energy without sending any of it back to the grid.

Whether you’re looking for a whole-home battery backup solution, or just need to ensure the lights stay on at night and food stays fresh in the refrigerator – Dinkar PV Technologies has an energy storage solution to fit your needs.

Protection against utility rate changes

While most North India utilities don’t charge rates based on demand levels (known as time-of-use), numerous utilities in the West and Southwest do, and many expect this to affect North Indians in the coming years as utility rates continue to rise and future smart-grid infrastructure is rolled out. With a solar + battery solution, you’ll be prepared for whatever the future holds


Why Trust Dinkar PV Technologies for Your Energy Storage Needs?

Dinkar PV Technologies was founded in 2015, when solar applications were more heavily reliant on batteries. Because of this, our team is versed in a variety of battery options and configurations for residential and larger scale systems, leveraging our experiences and expertise to provide you with a custom, expertly-crafted energy storage solution.​​​​

  • Decades of solar + battery experience.

  • Our battery backup solutions have gone through a rigorous review process, including beta testing on our own employee’s homes.

  • All expertise is under one roof and near you, NO SUBCONTRACTORS required.

  • If you need service or support, we are a simple call away. We have a dedicated service department ready to keep your system working at its best.


We take care of everything and work with you to find the best battery-based energy storage solution to fit your needs, making it an easy process and ensuring your home will have the energy it needs, even in power outages or at night. We're India's Usha Shriram certified installers.

Our Clients Are the Priority

We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients - We've built our reputation on it, and it's what has made us a leader in solar power in North India. 


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